Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Gordo Thanksgiving

This year is the first year in many that we have only had one family to visit on a major holiday. My Kline family (in light of recent occurrences) decided to ditch the traditional on Thanksgiving and do something completely different, like go to Disney. Since Justin can't sit or stand for extended periods of time (in fact he is now staying home from work longer - until late January), we didn't think he would enjoy walking miles around a park and waiting while we all rode rides he couldn't ride. So while my family rode Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom, Justin and I went to his parents house.

For our meal, I made home made french bread rolls and two pies: Chess Pie and Chocolate Chess Pie (because they come in a set, after all). As we were leaving, I decided that we don't take enough pictures of ourselves, so I grabbed a point and shoot and started off documenting how the Gordo enjoys his car rides.

Yes, I know I look weird.
And here is the signature squint once we get going around 40 mph.
I tried to get a shot of the both of us, but add a wiggling corgi to a moving car and only one hand to hold the camera steady, this is what you get.

I interpret this look as him saying, "What on earth do you want? I was busy."
But he's so cute :)

He always leans further out of the car when we get on Justin's parent's street.

And here is Justin trying to drive and still smile at the camera ... very safe.
So, last year, Justin's mom bought Gordo a santa suit to wear, but he was still growing and he ended up being to big to wear it (and I felt really bad). So this year, she bought an outfit that didn't have to wrap around that robust rib cage of his: A reindeer hat and jingling collar.

He was licking his lips in preparation for the meal.
After a few minutes, he was not only utterly humiliated, he was also completely sick of the antlers.

He kept looking up at me pleadingly.
So, we took off the hat, but we made him wear the collar. And he jingled all day.
And unfortunately, I got so snap happy with the Gordo that I filled up my memory card. So, that's all you get to see my Thanksgiving experience :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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