Thursday, January 21, 2010

Swedish Weave and Me

Well, I've started back up at an old hobby again after a long absence: Swedish Weave.

Most of the time when I tell people that I get a weird look and, "What's that?" In fact this little "show and tell" style blog was inspired by a friend of mine asking to see pictures of my newest project. Add that to the fact that I just got all of my off camera lighting equipment, and you get nice pictures :)

This one was my first ever large project. I was 17 years old and it took me 52 hours to complete (I know that because I kept track so I could use it as one of my Laurel projects for my Young Womanhood Recognition Award). It fits a twin size bed.

This one I made for my Grammy :) This is the first one that I made with a backing - it has yellow fleece on the other side. I still have to put a binding on the edge for her, but it is entirely usable. This one is lap quilt size.

This was my first project using this really neat lattice floss. It is actually cut out and graduates in color. This one went from blue to black. Yes, I know, it's Orlando Magic colors, but I just liked the lattice :) This one is also lap quilt size.

This was another attempt to use the cool floss. I had intended it to be a baby blanket - well that would have to be one small baby. I'm not sure why I thought it would be big enough, but it's not. I does look cool though.

This one is my latest project. I started it over a year ago for Justin. I had planned to give it to him for his birthday, and I did but it wasn't finished. Then, it just kind of got put aside and I forgot about it. So, last week I came across the bag it was in and decided to finish it. And finish it I did. This one is a bit bigger than a lap quilt, but still not big enough to wrap up in.

So, Taylor dear, my fellow wielder of yarn, I hope this answers your question. And I have supplied pictures of my newest blanket. It's the biggest one I've ever made. It's as tall as me (5'7") and as wide as my arm span (?") and I'm trying a graduated boucle yarn to give it a 3 dimensional look. It'll be fuzzy :) As far as the pattern, the brown row that is in the middle of this picture will be in between every other line (as it is in the picture) and the teal lines and the boucle lines will alternate.

I know every girl has their craft (I have too many to count now), but you should try this out. I really enjoy Swedish Weave.