Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our First (Real) BIG Christmas Tree

Well, I was going to say this was our first tree, but two years ago, Justin bought me a 3 foot tall tree for us. So, this is our first tree as a married couple :)

We have both always known we wanted to do a real tree - both having come from typical fake tree using families. So, we went down to the tree filled tent in Titusville and started the hunt.

I really can't even tell you how happy Justin is about having his picture taken here :)

And I even got the guy who worked there to take our picture with our perfect tree.
I know. I'm a big nerd.

So, once we managed to fit it into the car and got it home, we spent the day covering it with lights and decorations. The result is a very traditional looking Christmas tree.

We have even started a tradition over the last few years of collecting ornaments form all the places we go. This picture shows some of them off nicely, including the conch shell angel we got in the Bahamas just 6 weeks ago.

The dog has been very curious of the tree (I know, he looks really creepy in this picture). I kept having to make him get out from under it while I was putting the lights on. Now that it's up, he rather enjoys having another bowl to drink from :)

All in all, he's fine with it now that it's up and he can lay on the tree skirt - which is a flannel blanket. The only thing he's unsure of are my cute-sy snowmen that I have on either side of it.
... He doesn't trust them. Plus I'm afraid he will eat them, so I've had to place them up higher.

We are both very happy with our tree, and we can't wait to get all the other decorations up so we feel really festive throughout the month :)